The Bar Association of Alappuzha boasts of a rich and proud of eminent jurists and legal luminaries who have adorned the faculties of law as well as legal profession. The Alleppey Bar Association was formed with following avowed objectives

    (a) to encourage and promote the study of the Science of law,

    (b) to investigate and study the existing laws customs and usages prevailing in India and especially those prevailing in Travancore and to make representations in respect of them from time to time to the duly constituted authorities,

    (c) to form and maintain an adequate library of law books and journals and periodicals for the use of the members of the Association,

    (d) to promote and maintain a high standard of professional conduct,

    (f) to make representations from time to time the authorities on matters affecting suits and suitors and the administrations of justice generally

    (g) to consider and take appropriate steps questions professional conduct and etiquette

    (h) to take such action as the Association may, from time, time deem necessary in matters affecting the profession, the administrations of justice and legislation,

    Right from its inception, Alleppey Bar Association has been performing its functions by holding high the aforesaid objectives.

    The District Court at Alappuzha commenced its functioning in the year 1907 with a vast area of territorial jurisdiction. Later in the year 1956, the Subordinate District Judge Centre started functioning at Alappuzha Centre.

    There are more than 850 advocates practicing at this District Centre.

    The Association is governed by a president, secretary and executive committee comprised of 9 members elected from the general body.


    The Alappuzha Bar Association is given with 7 cents of property by the Maharaja in the District court Premises of Alappuzha and the Bar association had constructed a building in it in the year 1932 . Later the building was demolished in the year 2011 by the association for the construction of the new building and agreed the state to construct a building in it along with the court building subject to its resolution The State has Constructed a building in it and the southern portion of the ground floor of the constructed building is given to the bar association and various Courts are functioning on the 1st floor and the northern portion of the ground floor of the two storied building .